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Emergency Family Shelter

Immediate, emergency housing is available to families of all shapes and sizes. Isaiah House is one of the few shelters that provides private rooms to families, allowing a family in crisis to stay together.

If your family needs shelter, please contact:
Catherine Ereyi
(973) 678-5882 ext. 3027

While experiencing housing difficulties, families are often split up with mothers and fathers staying in separate shelters. Here at Isaiah House, a family unit can remain intact.


Isaiah House welcomes all definitions of the word “family” including couples, single parents, and caretakers with children. Isaiah House also offers shelter to single women of all ages. Our 24-hour staff provides supportive assistance including transportation, help to enroll and maintain eligibility in state and federal programs, and other essential daily tasks.

Families receive assigned private rooms with space for parents and children along with shared bathrooms. Rooms include new bedding, from sheets to mattress protectors and assorted essential toiletries. As with all Isaiah House programming, meals are provided free of charge, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Isaiah House also has onsite laundry for all residents.